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EMI Program

Purpose of Establishment

    Globalization has made international exchanges more frequent and turned traveling jobs into the norm in many industries, including the information, high-tech, and financial industries. Many global enterprises based in Europe, the US, and Japan have established facilities, branches, and subsidiaries in Taiwan. Thus, there is a growing demand for international talent. Some of our students have also chosen to continue their studies abroad to pursue master’s or doctoral degrees. To keep up with this trend of increased international interactions, fostering language proficiency is of the utmost importance.     

    In recent years, globalization is one of the hottest topics in various sectors of Taiwan. For many businesses, the first hurdle to overcome in globalization is language. To ensure that elites can integrate into the global community, many large corporations, even domestic ones, include English proficiency as a job requirement. In order to stand out from the competition, English proficiency is the key to securing a job.      

    Given the interconnectivity of modern technologies and networks, international education has become a growing trend for the new generation. In this respect, after taking into account the circumstances of domestic and overseas industries, as well as the needs of students for pursuing international studies and careers, the Department of Applied Mathematics officially established the EMI Program in the 2022 academic year in order to stay ahead in the cultivation of exceptional international elites and to foster students who can integrate into the global community. By boosting students’ competitiveness in further studies and career development, we can open the door to more opportunities for our graduates.

Program Curriculum

    The EMI Program comprises of an international faculty and carries out instruction for all required courses and some elective courses entirely in English.      

    Required courses include calculus, advanced calculus, linear algebra, probability and statistics, introduction to computer science, computer programming, etc.

    All teaching materials and tests used in the courses offered are provided in English. Other curriculum regulations are stipulated according to those applicable to regular NSYSU students.

Program Features


Small-Group Learning

international teacher

Interdisciplinary Faculty With International Experience

yesThe program’s courses are initially taught in small groups so that every student can receive individual attention.

yesThe program provides a comprehensive English learning environment to help students achieve effective learning and professional growth.

yesStudents are provided with student advisory services for interdisciplinary studies and career development.

yesRegular events that promote exchanges with international students are held to introduce students to other cultures and improve their oral language skills.

yesStudents are encouraged to participate in overseas student exchange programs and international conferences.

yesDepending on the students’ performance, the program may increase the admissions quota accordingly.

yesThe Department actively recruits mathematics professionals who have shown teaching excellence and who possess international experience to join our faculty.  Most of the Department’s faculty members have a doctoral degree from an overseas institution.

yesFaculty members are all experienced in research and collaboration with international teams.

yesThe program develops strong professional competencies for students that help them integrate into the global community.

yesGraduates can pursue master’s and/or doctoral degrees at prestigious European or American institutions.

yesAlumni can find rewarding jobs that pay well.


Overseas Exchange Scholarships


Undergraduate Multi-Channel Study Approaches

NSYSU has long held the educational philosophy of encouraging students to study abroad.  NSYSU provides the following scholarships to help students pursuing overseas study to focus on their growth in their fields of study. For more information on the scholarships and the applicable scholarship regulations, please refer to the official announcements of the Office of International Affairs.

While freshmen and sophomores shall take the core courses, juniors and seniors may choose from different studying plans to continue their studies:

Students may follow the usual curriculum design in Applied Mathematics and finish their studies.  Those with outstanding academic performance may apply for research projects at the Ministry of Science and Technology or National Center for Theoretical Sciences, or participate in the NSYSU Undergraduate Student Research Projects System. 

Junior students may apply for the Five-year Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree System.

Students who prefer a hands-on approach, or more applications, may choose to take a number of related independent study courses, or interdisciplinary taught courses towards graduation.

yesTraditional Curriculum Approach 

yesResearch Project Approach

yesHands-On Experiments Approach 

yesInterdisciplinary Study Plan

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