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About our Department

About Us

Founded in 1987, the Department of Applied Mathematics offers programs leading to Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctor of Philosophy degrees.  The Department consists of 22  full-time faculty members and is divided into three divisions: Statistics (8), Scientific Computing (4), and Mathematics (10).  The department is active in both teaching and research.  Many of our faculty members have been serving editorial board and/or chief-editor of a number of international prestigious mathematical and statistical journals. The department has also successfully organized several important international conferences in the mathematical and statistical sciences. The student body of our department is currently composed of 208 undergraduates, 64 M.S. and 5 Ph.D. students. 

The major areas of our departmental research include analysis, differential equations, discrete mathematics and algebra, probability theory and statistics, and scientific computing. The research performance of our department is brilliant; as a matter of fact, statistics show that our department is one of the top mathematics departments among all Taiwan’s research institutions. The department attracts substantial internal and external research funds.

The department emphasizes both teaching and research.


Research Equipment

The Department hosts the center of mathematics library of National Science Council in Kaohsiung area. The collection of current and back issues of math journals and online e-journals are fairly complete. There are two computer labs for graduate and undergraduate students, six multi-media classrooms, and equipments for distance learning and video conferencing. The hardware and software for high-performance computing facility is established. Every graduate student is provided office space.


Education Objectives

Many of our students take a broad program which introduces them to various areas of mathematics and its applications. The various courses provide students with the mathematical, statistical and computational skills necessary to pursue advanced study, start a career in teaching or in the private and public sectors.